Superior Strapping Solutions

Q. What are the straps made of?

A. The loops are made of recycled butyl rubber and the hooks and rings are made of polycoated aluminium.

Q. How much do they stretch?

A. They stretch to approximately 50% their original length.

Q. Can I lengthen and shorten the straps?

A. Extra components can be purchased from our website to make the straps any length required.

Q. How do I lengthen and shorten my straps?

A. By simply rolling the o-ring back and inserting or removing a loop. The o-ring is then rolled back into place.

Q. Can I order straps of a particular length or straps in a grid configuration?

A. We can make straps of any length or configuration for a small extra charge.

Q. What is the best way of prolonging the life of the straps?

A. Avoid contact with oil or solvents. Also, avoid prolonged exposure to the elements. Although the product has good UV resistance, any synthetic product will eventually fail, however, new components are readily available on our website

Q. Have these straps been strength tested?

A. Yes - they have been tested by SGS Ltd at between 75 - 123 Kgs. The variation reflects the recycled nature of the product. View our testing certificate.

Q. What loads are these straps suitable for restraining?

A. These straps are suitable for a multitude of uses however,they are unsuitable for the restraint of heavy loads on a moving vehicle. Every situation is different and the unique binding properties of the straps makes them very versatile. To avoid any risk of injury or damage to property, please contact us if in doubt.